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Foreclosure Questions

What is a loan modification?

In the State of Florida, a loan modification is when the bank modifies the terms of the mortgage. This can include a modification of the interest rate, the principal amount, or any other terms listed in the mortgage paperwork.

How can a foreclosure defense attorney help me?

Hiring a foreclosure defense attorney is the best way to protect your rights. From reviewing your initial mortgage for predatory lending to working together on a loan modification, a foreclosure defense attorney has many tools to assist you. Banks hire large law firms that process a significant amount of foreclosure cases which can result in sloppy pleadings or overlooking key components of a mortgage. A foreclosure defense attorney will work to protect your due process rights, ensure the mortgage note is legitimate, review short sale options, and assist with any loan modification needs.

What is the foreclosure process?

In the State of Florida, a foreclosure begins when the alleged holder of the mortgage files a complaint in the Circuit Court. After the home owner is served they usually have 20 days to respond. If the home owner doesn’t respond the Court may enter a default judgment. After a default judgment the bank will move quickly to have your house sold and you evicted.

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