Bond Reduction

A bond is a type of insurance that is set when a defendant is arrested that ensures a defendant will appear at trial. When the bond amount can’t be met by a defendant, they remain in pre-trial incarceration. Nobody wants to remain in jail and every defendant has the right to a reasonable bond. A bond reduction hearingis the opportunity for the defendant’s attorney to present a case to the judge for a reduction in the defendant’s bond. See Florida Statute 903.046

A skilled attorney identifies and highlights the positive aspects of the defendants character (i.e. service to the community, work history, education, lack or minimal criminal record, physical or financial support of family members), while explaining the negative character aspects (i.e. ongoing criminal history, criminal acquaintances, lack of community involvement, lack of job).

If you or someone you knows remains in jail pre-trial due to inability to secure a bond, contact us for a free confidential initial consultation to determine how we can help you with a bond reduction hearing.